When I got my tax return in April (around $5,400) I put it all in crypto. I’ve been trading crypto for less than a year, and got few of my knowledge from watching YouTube videos, so I didn’t really have to pay for any courses. I started off with small trades and as my knowledge grew, so did my confidence in the markets. I started off with small trades and made larger trades based on my research. To be successful in crypto, you need to know how international markets behave and how politics affect them. Also know how your local stock market is behaving in relation to crypto. I made most of my money from gold since April and from a $5400 initial balance (my trade money) I was able to make it grow past $15,000.

At this point, I’ve started withdrawing $1,000 into my bank account every week as long as my remaining balance stays above 15k. So is it possible to get rich from crypto? Absolutely. You just need to do a lot of your own research into what makes the markets tick and start with small trades and i was also guided by a crypto trader and coach “Felix Paul” who made me understand what trading crypto is all about you can reach him on Telegram- BennieHill for crypto related issues

I must note that I have had some losses since I started trading in November 2018, but they are nothing compared to the gains I have made. Much better than trading stocks, but I still dabble in them all thanks to Felix Paul.

The beauty of the crypto market is that it’s open 24hrs a day 7 days a week, so you can make trades whenever you want while they are open. Just remember to do your own research first, and it wouldn’t hurt to enrol in a short, inexpensive course or follow the rules and guidance of a succssful coach and mentor like Benni Hill.

reach out to Felix for guaidance and assistance on

Telegram - BennieHill




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